Sunday, 6 May 2012

How do I get focus?

I don't seem to be able to keep focused on just one thing for very long( I also blame my lack of focus for my infrequent blogging). I have been busy in my craft room... making things for my expected grand baby. The problem is that so much time is taken up just looking at ideas and when I do start things, I get bored when a pattern gets monotonous.

At the moment I have several things on the go:

bobble crochet blanket

Ever since I saw one of these patterns, I wanted to try it. I decided to use the recycled yarn I purchased from my local thrift shop. Someone washes and rolls previously used yarn and bags it for sale.

Each bag is priced at about $1 or $1.50. I cannot be sure of the content but I can tell if I like the feel of it. I started my blanket but got bogged down when I couldn't decide if I liked the way the colors blended.

So.........on to the next thing.

Grey and Pink seemed like a good idea especially after finding this grey and pink flannel( I will use it for a double sided blanket).  I am planning to make  squares of several different stitches with the flower motif on the single crochet ones.  I don't have a specific pattern so we will see. I  like the mystery and possibilities of not knowing for sure how it will look when finished. There are a lot of good patterns for squares here.  After sampling the flower idea I think the pink is not quite right so will probably look for a better shade of yarn.


I saw a cute fleece blanket and a whole new collection started in my head.

Owl baby collection

The flannel squares blanket was made by cutting up the too small receiving blankets, sewing the squares together and backing them with solid green flannel.
I crocheted the owl without a pattern just by starting with a circle and working in the round (as in "amigurumi") and trying to match it to the one on the fleece blanket.
My plans are for a taggie blanket and an owl pillow out of fabric to match.

Double treble burst crochet square

 The  pattern is here for the starting square of the blanket  (although I did find it hard to follow and if you don't have any crochet experience I think it would be difficult) and after row ten I am improvising and keeping it interesting for myself. If anyone is interested in a pattern I will post a picture when I am finished and try and write one.

In the end all these projects will get finished, it is just a question of how long it will take. Hopefully nothing else will distract me. Every distraction leads to a whole new collection of things (in my mind).

At the moment I don't know if the baby is a boy or girl so am hoping the owl collection will do for either. I will have to think on it.

I really enjoy looking at what others are crafting and am finding I like sharing my projects as well. What are you making?


  1. Love it all! Especially that little mr owl - I think that is just what Owen needs :) - and that awesome bobble blanket (*wink*wink*). Great colours on that granny square type blanket.
    I hope your thrift shop restocks its yarn regularly!

  2. Cute blanket! I love all the colors.

  3. The bauble blanket is great. Love the colours. And I also like the owl set. so sweet.