Monday, 28 May 2012

Finished Baby Gift (owl theme)

Finally finished my owl collection for the new little one expected soon.

owl collection baby gift

My inspiration came  from this purchased fleece blanket and a pack of matching receiving blankets.

owl inspiration

The small receiving blankets were used to make this.....
Large flannel swaddling blanket

and this.......

"taggie blanket"

I also made:
owl pillow

crochet small owl "stuffy "

crochet granny blanket
All in all I am happy with everything and it was fun to make my own patterns for things. It is so easy to make any pattern you like by taking a picture or scanning an item and using the image as a guide. The granny square blanket is fun because you can make up your design as you go.

What are you making?


  1. Love, love, LOVE it! A lucky little baby :)

  2. I'm in the groove...all warmed up for more.

  3. cute!!!! I love that little mama owl holding the baby. That is so adorable.

  4. Beautiful coordinated set! Owls are so lovely. :)

  5. What a gorgeous collection, Betty! I love it! I bet that little stuffy and the tuggie will become baby's favorites!

  6. Betty- this is BEAUTIFUL! What a lucky baby.

  7. I appreciate all the nice comments. The parents seemed very happy with the gift. The new babe is beautiful!