Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sewing for Baby

I haven't been very good at keeping up with posting to my blog lately but at least I have been getting some things accomplished in the fabrication department. I have a couple of crochet projects on the go which I will show at a later date but for this post I am sharing the flannel blankets I have been making  for baby. 

I like to make blankets large enough for bundling a newborn and I often prefer flannels that are not necessarily meant for baby. There are so many nice flannels out there now what with the surge in quilting flannels.

baby argyle blanket 
Polka dots, flowers and birds

checks and solid

squares & checks

There is a tutorial available HERE

And more to do...............

More flannels all washed & waiting to be made into blankets!

I love the feel of the double sided flannel blanket. Making for baby is so much fun.


  1. Those look so amazingly cozy. Love the different fabric patterns too! I think I will keep that tutorial marked so that I can make some up this summer!
    PS - send me your home address to streetprints@gmail.com

    1. Thanks they are very cozy. I have some that are over 30 years old which are still nice. I sent my address. I am excited about the "pay it forward".

  2. What fun! They are beautiful and I really like that simple tutorial. Everything is easier w/ a tutorial. =) Do you use flannel for both sides then?

    1. Thanks Elisa. I do make both sides flannel. You could use other fabrics for one side but I think good flannel is nice against baby's skin.

    2. Thanks. I'm going to make at least one. I have no nursing blanket here and these look perfect for that. =)

  3. Oh, I'm so happy to find this lovely blog! You can bet I'll be trying that Almond Swiss Dip pretty darn soon, too! Thanks, Betty

  4. Hi Betty - just found your blog.
    I am from Brazil, and I loved these flannel blankets!
    Good idea for our 'not-so-cold' winter!

    1. Thanks Patricia. They really are a nice weight and a good size for bundling and so easy to make.