Monday, 15 June 2015

Vintage pyrex: growing my collection

A post I shared about my vintage pyrex collection has been a favorite for many and so
 I thought I would update it.  I like how it looks now that I have had my kitchen renovated. 
I finally painted the cupboard that I display it in. 

The evolution of the collection:

Vintage pyrex and glasses in turquoise and pink:

I decided to add some yellow pyrex

In the bottom left corner is a lime green loaf pan. I am now on the hunt for that color as well.

I also collect vintage glasses in turquoise, pink and yellow.

I  found some plastic doilies from the 1950's in the same colors.

I find that I like these colors more and more and am planning to share the other vintage finds that I have in my kitchen on a future post. I would love to hear about your pyrex likes in the comments.


  1. Hello Betty,
    Happy Canadain eh! I saw your Pyrex collection and was in awe of your collection and your beautiful way of displaying them..I collect pink and turquoise and adding yellow is a definite plus..they look so gorgeous together..I live in West Kelowna, I hope I get to see more of your beautiful pieces..are you also in Instagram?
    Happy collecting,'Xo'Dagmar

    1. Thanks Dagmar. Since this post I have found a way to display my pyrex that I like even better and have added a few pieces. I am trying to get around to blogging about it. I glanced at your blog and you have so many beautiful pictures there. I will spend more time looking at it later. I am not on Instagram.