Thursday, 30 April 2015

Owen's Quiet Book Pages 8 & 9

Owen loves Christmas and even asked for a Christmas tree party for his birthday so I just 
had to make a Christmas tree page in his book.

The plans:

Christmas tree page plan:

Christmas Wreath page plan:

Felt patterns print sheet for Christmas pages:

The Christmas Tree Page:

This page was so much fun to do. I found the christmas lights at Fabricland and the rick-rack garland came out of a package of notions I found at my local thrift store. I doubled up all the felt as in previous pages to give it more weight and for the pot I used fabric and left the edges a little rough for texture.

The bows on the presents can be untied and retied even though it might be a little hard 
for a child it is fun for a parent to do this with them.

            I made some ornaments for the tree. The angels were simple felt shapes. the candy canes
           are made with stiffened white felt and narrow ribbon. The green balls were printed on
 fabric, as in previous posts, because I liked the pattern on them and they are so small 
that it would be hard to make them this detailed.

Owen can decorate the tree. The ornaments attach with small velcro dots. 

The presents open with snaps and there are small treasures inside attached with ribbons.

I found these cute little nativity buttons at fabric land and made a little felt stable to
 put them in. I padded the stable to make the backs of the button sink in a bit.

The garland can detach and be woven through the small plastic loops (stitch markers for knitting)


The garland has a thin piece of velcro on it which matches the piece just under the corner of the tree.

I really like how this page turned out!

The Wreath Page:

The same decorations are used for the wreath page. It also has small velcro dots. The  
`double felt pocket is lined with interfacing and works well to hold all the decorations.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Christmas quiet book page.

Happy Sewing!

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