Sunday, 29 January 2012

It's a puppy party!

When I learned last Wednesday that my granddaughter Amelia had decided that what she wanted to do for her 6th birthday was to have a family party at Grandma's house I decided that I would try to make it special for her. I asked  what theme Amelia would like and found she had asked for a puppy theme. Amelia loves stuffies and especially puppies! My daughter in-law had visited a party store and I went to several stores that sell party stuff but we couldn't find anything with that theme. On-line I found lots of ideas, in fact many more than I would have time to do as I only had 3 days.

puppy party table
After checking out a puppy party on Martha Stewart, I went to my local thrift store to see if they had any stuffies. It was my lucky day! Someone must have just brought in a whole collection because there were so many there and really nice ones too! I bought all they had and took them home and machine washed them.


and more stuffies......

 We had stuffies all over!

I then made a banner on my computer:

The cutting mat and grid ruler that my daughter gave me for 
Christmas sure came in handy! (thanks Janie)

Puppy Birthday Banner
The puppies on the banner were found at and 

For the table place settings I found the dog bone mats at dollarama. 
They are meant for dog dishes but worked well for place mats.

As it was not possible for me to print on napkins I made napkin rings.

personalized party blowers

For both the blowers and the table centerpiece  I just took off the cardboard pictures 
and replaced them with my own. The puppy clip art for these came from clipartfort
 and dog clipart. I also made stickers to put on the paper cups.
personalized centerpiece

The balloon idea came from: marthastewartpuppy-themed-party-ideas 
although it was suggested to make the faces with felt pen I just copied 
the pattern and taped it on with double sided tape.
puppy balloons

Also with the treat bag pattern (on the same post) you were supposed 
to cut out the pieces and glue them on.  As I was crunched for time 
I just printed out the pictures on sticker paper and stuck them on brown bags.
puppy treat bags

I wanted to have a mini candy buffet and wanted the candies to
 be browns so it is mostly chocolate candies, nuts , caramel corn and 
some coke gummies.  The empty space is where a puppy was removed 
before we could get the picture.

I bought a bone cookie cutter and made cookies with my usual brown sugar cookie recipe


preheat oven to 350 degrees
1cup butter
2 cups brown sugar
2 beaten eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
31/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
Cream butter and sugar together
Blend eggs and vanilla and beat
into sugar mixture
Mix dry ingredients gradually
 and fold in until totally 
chill dough until cold. Roll out to
1/8 “ thickness between two sheets of 
plastic wrap. Cut out shapes. 
Bake on lightly greased cookie sheets
for 10-12 minutes
Makes about 5 dozen cookies
Recipe can be cut in half

Finally I made some puppy cupcakes :

puppy cupcakes

Amelia was a happy girl!

All in all it turned out great!
 (A special note of thanks to my hubby for taking all the pictures.)


  1. Oh my goodness BJ I can not wait to show my daughter this post! My little granddaughter loves to pretend to be a dog [named Pickles] and went as a dog for Halloween. Her birthday is in August and we are having a party here before they move...this would be perfect!
    Oh, and tell your husband the pictures are just great!

  2. Thanks Tracey. Cute name! Amelia and her sister went through a stage when they were puppies a lot of the time, wanting us to pet them etc. If your party is not until August you have lots of time to collect stuffies. The small thrift store where I live only charges 50 cents or $1 for them. There are lots of other ideas , like puppy hats and puppy games I had hoped to do but I ran out of time. There is one site where you can print out very simple dog origami.