Thursday, 19 January 2012

Displaying Collections

vintage silhouettes
Many years ago I found myself interested in these vintage silhouettes.They were collected over time at thrift stores and antique sales, and I decided I needed some way to display them. The frame was made with bead board and a stretcher frame. Earlier I had picked up a lot of wood corner pieces at a garage sale and glued 4 of them on to cover where the corners met.  It has worked well and makes the pictures easier to move. All in all it was a very inexpensive way to showcase this collection.

The only problem now is that my collection has grown so much that I may have to figure out a way to display many more.

vintage silhouettes

A lot of the silhouettes are reverse painting on glass and in some cases the original frame and backing were missing. For the ones below my husband took pictures in our yard and we re-framed them with the pictures as backing.

I definitely don't intend to get any more of these but do find some of them hard to resist. Hopefully I will come up with a way to display the whole collection in an innovative way. 

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  1. What a beautiful collection you have and that is a wonderful way to display it.
    I have several pictures of my famiy, but nothing compared to yours! Enjoy the weekend.