Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Decorating

table favor baskets for Easter

Finished my table favors for Easter dinner and thought I would share.  
Pictures of the entire table will come later.

Putting it all together ...ruffled cupcake liners and pink inserts,
 a little ribbon, colored eggs and candy.
 I found the stickers that I put on the eggs at Michaels. 
The name tags were made with pages app.
(Some of the pictures make it look Like the color is  coral

 but it was just the lighting . Everything is pink, turquoise and white)

The handles are lollipop sticks bent to shape and glued between the folds of the insert.
I must have a little too much time on my hands as I even matched the 
candies to my color scheme.

 A few photos from a previous easter celebration.
Easter Table

Easter place setting

Easter Basket



  1. Beautiful finishing touches, not just making dinner, making memories. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks, Lena....this is the fun part not really work. Parts of the dinner are ready too.

  2. I'm coming for Easter next year.
    What a gorgeous table (again!) and sweet treats!