Thursday, 12 July 2012

One more Quiet Book Page

Quiet book airplane

When I found out my grandson was going to be here for his third birthday I knew I wanted to add a few pages to the quiet book I had made him last Christmas. The small details make this quite time consuming and I wondered if I would find the time but am so happy I did.
I had been looking at quiet book ideas  and liked the ones I saw with airplanes and thought it would be nice to relate it to his trip here.

They were traveling by Westjet so I took a picture of the "Westjet Bump and Go Airplane" toy, sized it to fit my page and added details  to make it personal.

Pictures printed on fabric
Levi liked seeing himself as the pilot
The luggage, luggage cart and Pilot were all printed with this:

I bought this package at fabric land.  It is easy if you have an inkjet printer, although you have to be careful how you load it to avoid bleeding. There are tutorials online to print on your own fabric . I would like to try it.

"Quiet Book" luggage cart

I took a picture of a luggage cart, stretched it to fit my page in photoshop and sewed a piece of velcro to the bed of it to hold the luggage.

"Quiet Book" Luggage

To plain generic pictures of luggage I added flags of places my grandson has been (e.g: Scotland, Italy, Spain). I could have added Germany, Morocco and more but there was only so much room and time. I added a backpack to the luggage because that is what my kids use when they travel the world.

"Quiet Book" Airplane with luggage compartments

The luggage compartments on the plane close with snaps which have small buttons sewn on the front for esthetics.

Levi seemed to like this and enjoyed moving the suitcases back and forth from plane to cart.

This was a fun page to do.

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