Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thrifting Thursday

I only went to one thrift store this week and it is my favorite.
 Even though it is a very small store there is a lot of stock
 turnover and I almost always find something good. 
 The prices are great! Just a few dollars can buy so much.
 Also it doesn't hurt that it is only 5 minutes from my home.

This week it was books:

The timing of "Serger Gifts and Crafts" was perfect as I have
 a new serger I haven't  tried yet....... must get to that. 

In the Serger book there are so many ideas with illustrations
 and clear instructions.  I love to learn from books!
a beautiful blanket 
One size fits all apron
The small quilting book has lots of great tips and there are illustrations for  all of them:

I thought this little snowman family was kind of cute in the 
1985 "Women's Circle Crochet" Christmas Annual:

Crochet Snowman Family
If I do this I will probably update the accessory colors a bit.

The "Easy Bazaar Crafts Book" had patterns for some cute little dolls and furniture:

Some of the furniture was made with felt which I love to work with.

To finish it off I was happy to find a classic by Anne Bronte that I haven't read. I did see the movie
 and liked it so I am sure I will like the book even more. I usually do with the classics.


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