Friday, 1 May 2015

Owen's Quiet Book Page 10

The final page I made for Owen's quiet book is a mailbox page. He seemed to love this page the most!

The Plan:

Felt Print sheet for mailbox page:

The miniature parcels, notepad and pencil are the only things that are not fabric. I found the little
 parcels a long time ago at Michaels on sale and just thought they were so cute and knew I would 
use them at some time. You could make parcels out of felt as well. Everything else is double
 regular felt except for the Canada post sign which is printed on fabric, the letters which are
 stiffened felt and the envelopes which are single layer felt.

The one letter is just zig-zag but on the other I used the alphabet feature on my sewing machine and wrote "to owen" on one side and "with love" on the other. I only have one size of letters on my machine so I could not write more in the space allowed.

The letters and parcels can be put in the mailbox slot.

The mail can be retrieved by opening the door on the bottom of the mailbox. I put interfacing on the door inside to give it strength and so it wouldn't stretch. A strip of velcro holds the door closed and a bead is attached for the handle.  Owen loved writing on pieces of the notepaper and mailing them.

All the mail fits in the mailbag when not in use.

I was happy to see my grandsons have fun with this page.

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