Thursday, 23 February 2012

Excited for Baby!

With  news of  another grandchild due in June my mind is busy pondering what I should make for the new little one. I always make some large reversible flannel blankets for snuggling the newborns and they have seemed very useful. My daughter wrote a tutorial for doing this here .

This is her finished

I like to crochet one or two blankets as well and  possibly sew a quilt for the new little one. It sounds like I need to get busy.

As I was looking online for patterns I found a couple of nice ones but they are only for girls so as I don't know what gender the baby will be I need to keep looking . Here are the ones I downloaded today:
free pattern

This one is made of organic cotton. I really like to use cotton as the blankets seem to get softer with age. 


 Here   is the pattern I used a couple of times. It is so fast and easy because it is basically small granny squares! This would be good for a first crochet project.

My versions:
Ruffled border for the girl blanket

Brown and Blue with border

Both my blankets were done in cotton.

This is the quilt I made for my last granddaughter:

Textured baby quilt

I had this flannel fabric for a long time and finally found different fabrics to match the colors. The yellow is a heavy cotton rib, the blue is a minky, the pink is a soft pile and the green is cotton flannel. I washed them all before sewing  to prevent puckering later.

It looks like I am thinking this baby might be a girl but I'm really not. I will definitely make something neutral or both and save the wrong one for later.

Making things for a baby is the best !

HERE is a link to another great blanket


  1. I'll just have to count on you for my newborn baby blankets, mine would never be finished on time!
    I definitely prefer the granny square blanket you made for Levi with the rowed(??) border, than the granny square border.
    Thanks for the link-overs! xo

  2. Hey! I know that blanket post on the bottom! Aha! Lovely. I'll have to add you to my feed. Another creative soul.