Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What a deal!

crochet cotton on cardboard tubes
 A local antique store has a twice a year garage sale and at the last one I picked up  a bag full of  crochet cotton for only one dollar. I almost didn't buy it because it was a large bag and  would be a problem to store. The cardboard tubes holding the cotton took up a lot of space so I decided to roll it into balls. It took quite a bit of time but the difference in the amount of space it took up was huge!

rolled cotton

Hard to tell by the photos but the difference in bulk is amazing!

cardboard tubes

All the thread fit into an 81/2" basket with room to spare and I decided to keep the cardboard. Because of the different sizes I could nest the tubes and they fit into  a small paper bag. Glad I bought it.

Now I just need to make something with it!  Possibly these :

I would use several strands at once. Hopefully it won't take forever to get to it.


  1. Oh I love those! Feel free to make me a couple while you're at it! ;)
    I'm jealous of that crazy deal by the way. Do you realize that you are spoiled for antique/thrift stores??

    1. I do realize that I am spoiled. I find something every time I go. I hope I get to this kind of thing soon. I am thinking new baby at the moment so it may be a while.