Friday, 16 March 2012

Organize and Label!

Organized and labelled!
I finally got to fixing up my tv cabinet.  I know that I am in the dark ages with my cd player and photos not on disc but I still like the paper copies and I like my cd player that holds 5 cd's at once. I also still have a vcr and dvd player because of all the old movies I have for my grandkids.

Here is my old cabinet. The little sony TV finally gave out and even though I didn't care about a large screen the sellers seemed to encourage us to buy one by charging less for it than the smaller one so you think "might as well".

The problem was what to do about losing all that storage so I went on the hunt for a replacement cabinet. I wanted white and found there were not many out there. We settled on one from Ikea as it was the right size and price. The putting together took a lot of time but was worth it.

I didn't take a before picture so here is one I cropped from a Christmas photo, anyway, here it is loaded up with stuff and looking kind of messy!

Below is the "finished product" (for now anyway)
I made the labels with the "pages" application. It is so easy to do just using shapes the color and font choices are endless!  Then  just print on a large avery sticker sheet and cut out. (too bad I couldn't seem to take a picture without glare on the glass)

Loving labels!

We replaced the hardware on the cabinet with some glass knobs found at a local antique store. The turquoise boxes and albums are from the Martha Stewart office collection at Staples. The black boxes were from super Store.

I found this dish at Value Village. It was only $4 and I almost didn't buy it. So glad I did! It is perfect for setting the controls in.
I also was happy to find this little vintage lamp with the perfect color of shade.

Happy with how it turned out. If you have a printer and the pages app you will find it easy to label and organize anything. Try it!

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