Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thrifting Thursday Christmas

It's Christmas!
Outdoor Nativity

This past summer while garage sale-ing I found something I have been wanting for a long time. It is not exactly what I might have had in mind when I pictured an outdoor Nativity but it is cute and now that it is up for Christmas I really like it. At only $5 the price can't be beat! I found the lighted star at my local United Church Store for $3 so all in all  quite a bargain in my opinion.

Vintage candolier

I really love vintage Christmas decorations as it brings back memories of the way we used to celebrate. At this time of year I like to scour the thrift and antique stores just to see what is there. A few years back I bought these electric candles at a thrift store and this year I found a second one. The plastic flowers are original and I know they are a little cheesy but I like them anyway.

Vintage Christmas
Vintage wreath

The vintage wreath is also a thrift store find from years back.

Vintage Nativity

I have used this Nativity set for 40 years and we had one when I was a child. Mine was a little damaged and I found an original on ebay this year. They are making reproductions of this so even if you can't find it in vintage it is still possible to get one.

Vintage lighted wreath
Another vintage find for only $1!

Merry Christmas and Happy Thrifting!

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  1. Oh I just LOVE your vintage decorations! You have some great finds. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you in 2013!