Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas trees through the years

Another trip down memory lane.  Looking at the old photos always gives me inspiration before I do my decorating.......
Real Christmas Trees
I think we thought the tree was beautiful, 
no matter shape or size.
Popcorn and cranberry strings were "the thing".

Lots of Green

Victorian Christmas trees...pink and purple.

Traditional Red and Green Christmas Tree

Vintage bubble lights, nativity and treetop angel.  
Lots of handmade ornaments.

Turquoise, silver and white Christmas Tree

I guess I will be stuck with turquoise for a little while as I have made quite a commitment to the color.

Time to get decorating!


  1. Fun! I love those themed trees, but I'm a cheapo, and ours turns out to be just our many ornaments. Maybe this year I will make popcorn..I really like those popcorn and cranberry strings. In Switzerland we had scrawny firs with real beeswax candles.

    1. My adult kids love when I do the tree with all the old ornaments. It's still the best. I love the idea of candles but I guess it's considered too dangerous now.

  2. My mama does up the BEST Christmas trees. EVER. xo

    1. Thank-you my darling daughter but you may be a little biased. xo