Tuesday, 15 July 2014

"Doctor Who" party for a 13 year old.

When my grandson was turning 13 I wanted to be careful not to do a theme party that might seem childish. Teens are often more worried about being seen as childish than adults are. He had liked Dr. Who for a while so that is what I chose. There are a lot of sites with these kind of parties and a good number of ideas.

Dr. Who party table


Dr. Who Tardis treat bags
I printed a Tardis picture and glued it to the front of a blue bag for the treat bags. I also used them as a centerpiece for the table .

                                        The napkin rings consisted
                                          of a rectangle of plaid as
                                          the ring with a picture of
                                          a bow tie glued to them.

My husband does my printing. We made a poster as large as we could on his printer for the back wall. I cut plastic tablecloths from the dollar store into streamers and made a border of larger bow ties. The stars were from Michaels.

Doctor Who cupcakes

We printed cupcake toppers from HERE and added some with pictures of a tardis and a dalek. We also made Tardis cupcake wrappers.


Veggie Dalek
The inspiration for the veggie dalek came from HERE. I used radishes in place of the cherry tomatoes.

Bow tie pasta salad

I made a BLT bow- tie pasta salad to keep with the theme. I found the recipe HERE. I didn't have buttermilk so I used 2% and I used romaine for the lettuce because I thought it would not wilt as easily as leaf lettuce. Everyone said it was yummy! I did use the Applewood smoked bacon and it is so good.

This is supposed to be " fish fingers and custard". It is actually PC shortbread and custard. I was planning to use icing sugar and water as glue to adhere graham crumbs for breading but as this whole party was planned and executed in 2 days I ran out of time.

I also ran out of time for this idea I got HERE. These are adipose marshmallows.

Bow tie toasts with cheese. I also used bow tie cheese to garnish the meat platter.

Doctor Who party table
I was thrilled to find these blue water bottles. The bows are hair-bows from dollar tree. In place of "jammy dodgers" there is a bowl of peak frean jam cookies.

Jelly candies for the 4th dr. "Would you like a jelly baby?"

The birthday boy seemed to like it.

If anyone is interested in any of the printables in PDF  form leave a comment with your email address and specify the ones you would like. No cost!

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