Friday, 24 April 2015

A New Quiet Book -Page one

I made a quiet book a few years back shown HERE for my Grandson Levi. I have wanted to make them for all my younger grandkids but was a little burned out after that first one. It is VERY time consuming and I did have a few frustrations with things not working out as planned. A few months ago I decided to make another for Levi's younger brother Owen. This blog is about the first page and I will share all the pages over time.

The book does not have a theme I just made pages that I thought Owen would like.

Quiet Book Bubble Gum Machine Page

This page is fairly simple. I started with a plan using a picture of bubble gum.
 I make all my designs using a combination of Pages and Photoshop.

The Plan:

The bubble gum is printed on fabric using "Avery" brand printable fabric . Avery brand fabric is available at Staples. I backed it with medium weight interfacing for more body. The printable fabric has an "iron-on" backing that made it easy. 

Interfacing is available at fabric stores. The brand I used was "Pellon".  I put "Fray Check" on the edges of the print before sewing to make sure they stayed intact.

The small circles on the page and on the bubble gum machine  are 
the softer side of colored velcro, (purchased from Fabricland).
I sewed them on with and x pattern for continuity.

The rough side of the velcro is sewn on to felt circles and pom-poms (available at Wal-Mart and even the dollar stores) were sewn on top of that. Owen can move the pom-poms back and forth from the soft velcro on the bubble gum machine to the side of the page

Everything else is made of felt and I generally used a double layer for body and richer colour.

First page done… 9 to go!

I hope I shared a few tips that might help in your own creation.
 Happy crafting.

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