Saturday, 25 April 2015

Owen's Quiet Book Pages Two and Three

The second and third pages of the book are about food.

My Plans for the 2 pages:

Print sheet for felt patterns:

I first printed my patterns on freezer paper:

I ordered my freezer paper from Joann Fabric but grocery stores and walmart sell rolls of it as 
well (usually reynolds brand). If you choose the rolls and cut it to fit your printer  make sure 
it lies flat as it goes through. You print on the dull side and then you can iron the shiny side on 
to your felt. It stabilizes the felt and makes it so much easier to cut. It peels right off after 
cutting and can be reused several times.

Print sheets for printing on fabric.

I printed them on Avery fabric sheets as shown in the previous post. I made fronts and backs for the
 toppings as I originally thought I might make the ice cream cone come off the page but in the
 end decided not to because of there being so many pieces to lose.

The Ice Cream Page

I used double felt and on the inside of the boxes I added fusible interfacing so that the
 velcro on the scoops of ice cream and toppings wouldn't stick as much.

A strip of the soft side of velcro was sewn down under the cone and dots of the 
rough side sewn onto the backs of the scoops and toppings. 

The Pie Weaving Page

He can weave the crust and the fork is moveable but the pie piece stays in place. 
I put a little padding under the blueberries to give the pie body.

If anyone is interested in the patterns in pdf form just mention it in the comments and I will
 send them for free. My page sizes are 9x12 but can easily be adjusted.

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