Thursday, 30 April 2015

Owen's Quiet Book Pages 6 & 7

The inspiration for these to pages was found HERE. I looked at
 pictures  of real forklifts and dump-trucks to make my design.

The plans:

I used pictures of my grandson to make the drivers of the forklift and truck.  My plans
 changed a bit when fitting  everything on the page. I modified the forklift  to make the
 mast as high as possible so there would be more up and down movement of the load

Felt print sheet for forklift page:

Felt print sheet for dump truck:

Fabric print sheet for both pages:

How the forklift works:

After cutting out the shape for the lift part of the forklift the main part (called the carriage) is
 folded in  half and a cord or shoelace is sewn to it leaving enough length on each end to fit the 
space where it will lift. A bead is attached to each end after the cord has been threaded
through  two grommet holes on the large black piece (called the mast) which is left 
open on the one side.  I added fusible interfacing to the mast so the carriage would move
 smoothly. I also added a piece of stiffened felt to hold the forks in place. They are velcro 
pieces so they can attach to the squares which are held on by another piece of velcro at
 the bottom of the page.

By pulling on the beads Owen can lift the load up and down. 
The centre of the wheels on both pages are buttons.

The dirt piles lift off the velcro squares and fit in the dump truck. The box of the dump truck is attached with a grommet and a button and stays in place with a snap near the cab. When the snap is open Owen can dump the load out of the back.

Button and snap
Owen as the driver of both vehicles.

Owen seemed to like both of these pages. 
Though time consuming they were a lot of fun to make.
 I used all the tips given in the previous posts about this 
quiet book in regard to using double felt and sewing.

I hope I gave you a few good ideas.

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