Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Owen's Quiet Book Page 5

Owen is at an age when he loves to dress up so I decided to make the flat doll pattern from 
the previous camping page larger and make costumes for him.

Closet and Costumes Plan:

Print sheets for printing on Fabric:

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The boy and costumes were printed the same as HERE . After printing I sandwiched a
 piece of pellon interfacing between th e front and back of the boy. I also ironed 
the pellon on to both sides of each costume for sturdiness.  all the edges were 
treated with "Fray check".

Print sheet for felt closet:

I looked at pictures of real wardrobes and made a fairly simple design for the closet.

I sewed  a piece of grosgrain ribbon to the page as a place to keep the boy 
when not dressing him up.


Buzz lightyear and the back of some of the clothes. They fit the same as the clothes on 
the camping page Here except I used squares for the velcro just below the waist as 
I thought it looked neater.

Spiderman and back of Buzz.

If you want to try this and have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

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