Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas tables through the years.

When I start to think about Christmas decorating I often look back at old photos to remind me of what I have done before.  At the time I must have thought it was good but sometimes it doesn't look as nice as I remember. Nevertheless it often inspires me to try and do better. I really enjoy trying to set a nice table for special occasions. Some of my grandkids now tell me how much they love the "family feasts" with the beautiful table. This year I want to use my "pink pyrex" serving dishes so I am working on a color theme that will make them fit in. We will see how it turns out.

 Christmas Tables

Simple Christmas table long ago.

Christmas tree theme table 

Table favors
The small trees were made using round craft boxes sprayed gold. The tree bases and wooden stars were also sprayed gold. The stars were glued to the treetops and the trees onto the boxes. Green and gold braid was glued to the edge of the box lid. A mist of gold glitter spray finished it off. Names were written in gold on green paper ribbon as banners across the trees. 

Pink Christmas table

Pink poinsettia, white and gold table

Green and Gold Christmas table

Off white and green Christmas table

Christmas Table Centerpieces
Flower centerpiece and favor boxes.
Wrapped small boxes filled with favors. Fabric poinsettias from Martha Stewart collection 2007

Christmas table centerpieces
Happy Christmas decorating!

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  1. Ahhh.....memory lane. They all look great to me! Can't wait to see your pink pyrex table :)