Monday, 27 April 2015

Owen's Quiet Book Page 4

There are a lot of Quiet Book camping pages to see online and mine is not a lot 
different except that I personalized it by taking a picture of my grandson and making it
 into a flat doll.  I printed the image & clothes on fabric as in the previous posts and made
 the rest of the page out of felt using the freezer paper as described in those same posts.

My Plan:

Print sheet for felt patterns:

Print Sheet for printing on fabric:

I made a front and back on everything that could come off the page.

The clothes stay on the boy with ribbons over the shoulders and velcro dots front and back 
at the waist to hold the clothes in place.

Owen can pretend he roasts marshmallows. The fire is several layers of felt.

Owen has shark pjs so I made some for the boy to sleep in. 

The sleeping bag and boy can be zipped into the tent.

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